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écu d’or de Charles VI (Reported November 13, 2017)

Lors de la bourse de Grenoble, il a été dérobé un écu d’or de Charles VI pour l’atelier de Mirabel (point 3ème). Ci-joint photos.

Plainte a été déposée au Commissariat de Montélimar sous le numéro 00202.

Si cette monnaie vous est présentée, merci de contacter Monsieur Stéphane VOCEL, agent de Police Judiciaire au 04 75 00 70 70





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Stolen Coins Möglingen Germany (Reported October 8, 2017)

On 08.10.2017 the coin dealer, Oliver Frank, Möglingen, was the victim of a bold theft. Valuable coins were stolen from his vehicle at a petrol station in Münchweiler on the B 10. A list of these coins is attached to this circular.

Here is the list

Relevant information, which can lead to the capture of the perpetrators and/or to the retrieval of the property, please address to the

Police Headquarters Westpfalz, Department of Police Operations, Logenstr. 5,67655 Kaiserslautern, for reference number: 603001/0810102017/20-9

Stolen Coins at Coin Show Zurich (Reported November 6, 2017)

At the Zurich-Oerlikon coin fair on Saturday 27th october 2017 some coins, including two Swiss gold coins, were stolen.


1. 6 ducat Bern, suckling bear, gold approx. 21g, about 1700, known to my knowledge only 2 examples.


2. 6 ducat Basel, gold 19,8g, about 1700, of equal rarity.


Photos of the two coins Attached. The theft was reported to the Zurich Police: Stadtpolizei Zürich-Oerlikon, Wachtmeister: B. Egli.


Additional Information:

Georg Brosi

Monbielerstr. 25

CH7250 Monastery

Coin stolen in Zurich (Reported October 27, 2017)

Today a client phoned and told us that he is missing a piece, probably stolen last week in Zurich:

 Sweden. Gustav Adolph II. Goldmedal of 6 ducats 1632. On his death. Same type (BUT NOT THIS PIECE) as the coin in the SINCONA auction 38, 1924 (see attached photo).


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Stolen Coins - Numismata in Berlin 14 and 15 October (Reported October 17, 2017)

At the Numismata in Berlin 14 and 15 October a collection of US-20 Dollars from 1850 to 1927 got stolen from Harald Möller.

All coins can be seen in his coming auction 70 at www.muenzen-moeller.de  lots 845 to 910.

Harald is a good friend of mine and needs support!

Thanks and kind regards


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