President and Committee

The organs of the Association are the General Assembly and the Executive Committee. The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the Association. They will be convened once a year. The Executive Committee is composed of eleven to seventeen persons from at least six different countries. It consists of the President of the Association, two Vice Presidents from two different continents (a first and a second Vice President), the General Secretary, the Treasurer and six to twelve other individuals. Whereas the President is elected directly to this function, the other offices are distributed by the Executive Committee itself. General elections will be held regularly, normally every two years.
The last election were held during the General Assemply in Luzern 2017:
President / Président


Executive Committee / Comité Exécutif

BARRE, Anne-Claire (Maison Platt, FR); LANG, Joe (Steve ALBUM, US); PAOLETTI, Mathias (Bernardi, IT); PASTRONE, Federico (Ed. Gadoury, MC); PONTERIO, Kent (Mexican Coins Co, US) ; PRESTON-MORLEY, Peter (DNW) ; SEDWICK, Daniel Frank (D.F. Sedwick, USA); VAN DER SCHUEREN, Jean-Luc (V.d.Schueren, BE) ; VICO, Jesús Jr. (Jesús Vico, ES)
  • President / Président : Arne KIRSCH

  • 1st Vice President / 1er Vice-Président : Kent PONTERIO

  • 2nd Vice President / 2ème Vice-Président : Jesús VICO

  • General Secretary & Executive Director / Secrétaire Général & Directeur Exécutif : Jean-Luc Van der Schueren

  • Treasurer / Trésorier : Jesús VICO (Responsible for accounting/responsable de la comptabilité: Michael Hardmeier (SINCONA AG, CH)

  • Anti-Forgery Committee / Comité de Lutte contre les Faux : Joe Lang (Helped by / assisté de : Eric MacFadden; John Jencek; Arne Kirsch(ex-officio); Arturo Russo; Jean-Luc Van der Schueren)

  • Publication Committee / Comité des Publications : Peter Preston-Morley

  • Dispute Resolution Committee / Comité de Résolution des Conflits : Kent Ponterio

  • Membership Committee / Comité des Candidatures : Federico Pastrone

  • Editor of the Bulletin / Editeur du Bulletin : Edward Baldwin and Anne-Claire Barré

  • Sales Calendar / Calendrier des Ventes : Jean-Luc Van der Schueren

  • Early Warning System / Système d'Avertissements Rapides : Jean-Luc Van der Schueren

  • Public Relations  & Internet Committee / Comité des Relations Publiques et Internet : Federico Pastrone, Helped by / assisté de : Anne-Claire Barré

  • International Trade Committee / Comité du Commerce International : Daniel Frank Sedwick