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Dealer Inventory Stolen in California (Reported February 7, 2017)

Inventory Stolen From Residence

Douglas Daniels returned home in Stanislaus County, CA after attending the South San Francisco Coin, Stamp and Collectibles show and became the victim of a residential burglary which resulted in the loss of his entire show inventory. Daniels left his residence for approximately one hour and during that time suspects smashed in the backdoor and removed 4 Zero Haliburton cases full of coins. Nothing else in the house was taken.

Partial list of stolen items:

 Hundreds of slabbed ANACS labeled with D.C. Daniels Collection

Complete set of Barber dimes XF/AU with 95-O having spectacular toning in a Wayte Raymond Album

1928 GEM unc 1928 $1,000 bill St.Louis

8- $500 bills XF/Unc

Over 100 CC dollars

15 Gold Certificates including 2XF 1928 $100 

Complete Canadian cent collection XF/UNC

Pack 1963 Red Seal Two's Ser#A07177601A-A071777700


Anyone with information contact:


Lt. Price

Stanislaus County Sheriff's Dept.




Doug Davis



Theft Gold Fifty Pesos in Texas (Reported February 2, 2017)

Detectives with the Pantego, Texas Police Department are investigating the theft of 24 Gold Fifty Peso coins from the residence of an elderly couple. The suspect/suspects may attempt to sell the coins in the North Texas area and possibly the Shreveport/Bossier City area.

Anyone with information please contact:

Det. Sam Nance


Doug Davis
Doug @numismaticcrimes.org

$5000 Reward Offered (Reported December 21, 2016)

A $5000 reward is being offered for the recovery and arrest of person or persons responsible for the theft involving a USPS package on December 21,2016.

The package contained the following coins:

1879-CC $1 NGC 63 GSA 3380250001

1853 1/2C (BN) PCGS 65 C-1 82630496

 1856 1/2C PCGS 64 J-177 82636668

 1854 1C (BN) PCGS 65 82633545

 1913 1C (RB) PCGS 65 82636593

 1859 3CS PCGS 66 82636597

 1911 10C PCGS 66 82636596

 1921-D 50C PCGS 45 82630230

 1881-S $1 PCGS 67+ 82636638

 1921 $1 PEACE PCGS 65 82629718

 1915-D 25C PCGS 65 82636752

 1916 25C STANDING LIBERTY PCGS 62 82633294

 1818 1C (RB) PCGS 64 N-10, R.1 82630360

 1871 1C (RB) PCGS 64 82630494

 1853 H10C NO ARROWS PCGS 64 82630495

 1921 50C PCGS 45 82630498

 1888-O $1 PCGS 63+ SCARFACE 82629966

 1911-S $20 PCGS 64 82636787

 1907 $20 HIGH RELIEF PCGS 58 82645741

 1814 50C PCGS 63 O-109, R.2 82629720

 1911 $20 PCGS 62 82636789


Anyone with information please contact:

Doug Davis
Doug @numismaticcrimes.org

Stolen Coins at Florida Show - REWARD OFFERED (Reported January 6, 2017)


On Friday January 6, 2017, during the FUN Show, the hotel room of a collector was burglarized, resulting in the loss of 19 coins, mostly US Bust Half-Dollars.  An itemized list appears below.  The total value exceeds $40,000.

Fort Lauderdale police and Doug Davis of the Numismatic Crime Information Center are investigating the crime.  Should you have any information regarding the crime or the stolen items, please contact Davis, of the NCIC, at +1 (817) 723-7231 or Doug@numismaticcrimes.org

The victim is a member of the Bust Half Nut Club, "BHNC."  Through the efforts of BHNC secretary Steve Herrman and PNG dealers Sheridan Downey and David Kahn, a reward fund has been assembled, currently totaling more than $16,000.  The reward, administered by BHNC, is offered to any person that provides information leading to recovery of the stolen coins.  Questions regarding the reward may be directed to Steve Herrman at sherrman102@aol.com.

Collectors and dealers are urged to print a copy of the list of stolen coins and to keep an eye out for the items while examining Internet coin auctions, attending coin shows or visiting coin shops.

Coin # Denom Year       Variety  Grading Serv     Grade   Cert #               Pic       Pedigree

1          01C      1864     Judd-335          NGC     MS65    185472-005       Y

 2         50C      1795     O-103a             NGC     VF30    3809196-015      Y          Hilt Collection

 3         50C      1808     O-110               PCGS   XF45    33543154          Y          Link

 4         50C      1809     O-110               PCGS   XF40    33543155          N

 5         50C      1809     O-111               PCGS   AU55    33543156          N

 6         50C      1812     O-104a             PCGS   AU58    81469525          N

 7         50C      1814     O-103               PCGS   AU58                            N

 8         50C      1817     O-108a              PCGS   VF35    33543158          N

 9         50C      1818     O-113               PCGS   AU55    33543159          N

 10        50C      1822     O-105               PCGS   AU58    29293087          Y          Frederick-Link

 11        50C      1822     O-113               PCGS   AU53                            N

 12        50C      1823     O-110         NGC CAC   AU58   3809010-016       Y

 13        50C      1824     O-117               PCGS   AU55    33543160          N

 14        50C      1827     O-132               PCGS   AU58    81612459          N

 15        50C      1827     O-144               PCGS   AU53    82237716          Y

 16        50C      1829     O-102               PCGS   AU58    82139155          N

 17        50C      1829     O-105       PCGS CAC   AU58    32177593 ?       N

 18        50C      1830     O-112               PCGS   AU55    81318215          Y          Link

 19        50C      1836     O-121               PCGS   VF20    31445403          Y


Burglary Deerfield,Ilinois - USA (Reported January 2017)

Detectives with the Deerfield,Il Police Department are investigating a burglary resulting in the loss of over $100,000 in coins.

Stolen Coin List

Anyone with information please contact:

Det. Rick Bernas


Doug Davis
Doug @numismaticcrimes.org