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$500 Bills Stolen-Carver County, MN, USA

The Carver County, MN Sheriff's Office is investigating a burglary where (51) $500 bills were stolen. There are no serial numbers available at this time.

Anyone with information or who is offered a large number of $500 bills should contact:

Det. Tyler Stahn 



Doug Davis



A Large gold Brunswick-wolfenbuttle coin stolen

A large gold Brunswick-wolfenbuttle coin was stolen. At the present time we think only two are known. This one has a mark front and back made from probably a wire cutter. Easily seen in the photos. It has been reported to law enforcement and Doug Davis. Estimated value is $50 to $100K.

Brunswick-wolfenbuttle Obverse  Brunswick-wolfenbuttle Reverse


Rick Ponterio

Three coins stolen from a DHL shipment in March 2016

Dear Colleagues,

there have been stolen three coins from a shipment in DHL which we sent to Japan end of March 2016. These are lots #3486, #4701 and #4722 from our 100th auction in February 2016.

Lost Teutoburger Auction 100 Lot 3486 Lost Teutoburger Auction 100 Lot 4701 Lost Teutoburger Auction 100 Lot 4722

Please see the following links for more details:




Many thanks and best regards

Werner Hoepker

Teutoburger Muenzauktion

Gold stater (or shekel) of Birsa "lost" in the mail...
https://www.sixbid.com/images/auction_images/2187/1854801l.jpg CARTAGO. Birsa. Shekel o estátera. 310-290 a.C. Cabeza de Tanit y caballo parado a derecha Cy3287 (1.500€). 7´41 g. Rebabas en campo y algunas marquitas. EBC- This coin was our lot 1 of our September 17th, 2015 But bidder had never received it In case you see it, let us know Thanks Juan Cayón
Coins removed from a Fedex package between Germany and the USA
1) Lot 6167 Auktion / auction 269 F.R. Künker & Co KG Frankreich 5. Republik seit 1958. 5 Francs 1970. Dickabschlag (Piéfort) in Gold, nach dem Modell von L. O. Roty; 39,36 g. Mit glattem Rand. Die Säerin. R Nur 100 Exemplare geprägt. Fast stempelglanz Schätzung / Estimate: 1.500,00EUR Zuschlag / Hammer price: 1.700,00EUR 2) Lot 6281 Auktion / auction 269 F.R. Künker & Co KG Grossbritannien Elisabeth II seit 1952. 5 Pounds 1980, London. 36,61 g Feingold. Polierte Platte Schätzung / Estimate: 1.250,00EUR Zuschlag / Hammer price: 1.700,00EUR 3)Lot 6286 Auktion / auction 269 F.R. Künker & Co KG Britische Kolonien British East India Company. 2 Mohurs 1835, Kalkutta. Offizielle Nachprägung. 21,38 g Feingold. Polierte Platte, min. berieben Schätzung / Estimate: 2.500,00EUR Zuschlag / Hammer price: 19.000,00EUR Fritz Rudolf Künker GmbH & Co. KG