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Bactria tetradrachm stolen in the mail


Eine Warnmeldung betreffend eines Diebstahls einer Münze der Hess Divo AG.


Die unten abgebildete Münze wurde auf dem Weg von Zürich nach USA entwendet. Sie wurde gemäss unseren

Informationen in den USA gestohlen.

Falls die Münze angeboten werden sollte, bitten wir vor allem die amerikanischen Kollegen sofort zu reagieren und die Hess Divo AG zu informieren.



This is a warning regarding a coin that has been stolen on its way to the USA by Post. According to the information we have received,

this coin must have been stolen in the USA.


Please inform the Hess Divo AG if the coin where to be offered to one of our american colleagues.



EUKRATIDES I., 171-135


Tetradrachmon. Drap. und gep. Büste n. r. im indischen Helm mit Helmzier; Stemma. Rv. Rv. BAΣIΛEΩΣ MEΓAΛOΥ / EΥKΡATIΔOΥ Die Dioskuren, jeder mit Mütze, Lanze und geschultertem Palmzweig im Galopp n. r., unten r. Monogramm. 16,95 g. Mitchiner 92, Type 177 ee. Bop. 204, série 6/29. Breiter Schrötling. Hohes Relief.

Gutes vorzüglich

Fedex package stolen - Cyprus coins

A Fedex shipment containing rare Cypress coins along with 40 other scarce world coins have been reported stolen while being shipped from Athens Greece to Paris.
The rare Cyprus coins are the following:
a. Cyprus ¼ Piastre 1880 of Queen Victoria. This coin looks like Proof but we believe that it would have been graded as MS65BN PL according the
USA standards or Brown Uncirculated (Prooflike) according to the UK standards. The coin has a mirror surface and brown color both sides which
makes it looks proof but we believe it is an early strike.

b. Cyprus ½ Piastre 1908 of King Edward VII. We believe that this coin would have been graded as MS63BN or MS64BN according to the USA standards or Brown Uncirculated according to the UK standards. This coin has some red luster on reverse and light brown color both sides. This is the weakly struck variety (King's portrait on obverse and the line from ½ on reverse are weakly stuck).

c. Cyprus Proof set of 3 silver coins dated 1921 of King George V. The coins are 4 ½ Piastres, 9 Piastres and 18 Piastres all dated 1921. These
coins have dark grey and blue patina and we believe that they would have been graded as follows: 18 Piastres PF64-65, 9 Piastres PF64-65 and      4 ½ Piastres PF63-64. The 4 ½ Piastres has a few light hairlines from an old cleaning which are under the deep grey and purple patina. All coins have a matching dark grey and blue toning except the 4 ½ Piastres which has also a light purple color mixed with grey.
 Other coins stolen include 20 Gem Uncirculated Malaya & British Borneo 20 Cents 1961 of Queen Elizabeth II (MS65-MS67) and 20 modern Greek coins from King Paul I and King Constantine II.
Any dealer or collector with information on this offense should contact:
Doug Davis

Geneva - Robbery of Swiss gold-ounces

Voici le détail de ce qui a été volé lors du braquage d'un fourgon de convoyage le 29 août 2014.

Il s'agit de 650 pièces d'or d'une once. Ces dernières se trouvaient dans des tubes en plastique transparents à capuchon noir par lots de 20 pièces. Lesdits tubes se trouvaient à l'intérieur de mallettes dans lesquelles il est possible de mettre jusqu'à 20 tubes.

Il sied de préciser que lesdites mallettes n'ont pas été dérobées lors du braquage. 

Au cas où toute information relative à ces pièces devait nous être communiquée, nous sommes joignables comme suit :

08h00 – 18h00 : Brigade de répression du banditisme (groupe 1), +41 22 427 73 80.
18h00 – 08h00 : Centrale d'engagement police, en demandant le piquet BRB, 117.

Nous pouvons aussi être contactés à l'adresse e-mail suivante : brb@police.ge.ch

Johan Vidonne

Département de la sécurité et de l'économie (DSE)
Police Judiciaire Genève
Brigade de Répression du Banditisme (BRB)

Boulevard Carl-Vogt 17/19
Case postale 236 - 1211 Genève 8
Tél. +41 (0)22 427 73 80 - Fax +41 (0)22 427 77 24
E-mail johan.vidonne@police.ge.ch

Great Britain - Dereham - Robbery at Bucks Coins

Robbery at Bucks Coins, Dereham, Great Britain
P.O. Box 199, Dereham, Norfolk, NR19 9BU, United Kingdom.
+ 44 (0)1362 638045 / 07825440085

As thief was from continental Europe rather than the UK the coins may well be offered on the continent.
List of 7 coins stolen from BucksCoins on 12/08/2014. Please, se the attached file

Information can be passed annonomisly to the police via 101 quoting crime reference Number: 42287/14/4

He was tall well built and had bleached blond hair, with an Eastern European accent, possibly Polish. He had an acomplus driving a silver Audi TT.



Theft of Anglo-Saxon penny of Archbishop Wulfred with www.finds.org.uk reference ID BH-24D8C4

Theft of Anglo-Saxon penny of Archbishop Wulfred with www.finds.org.uk reference ID BH-24D8C4

Dear Sir/Madam,I would like to alert you to the theft of an Anglo-Saxon penny of Archbishop Wulfred penny with the www.finds.org.uk reference ID BH-24D8C4, which you can see here:
I have also attached a photo of both sides of the coin in PNG format. The penny seems to be a unique muled version with the typical Wulfred bust (that goes down to the edge of the flan) on the obverse side, but with shortened legend "+VVL-FRED" rather than the usual "VVLFREDI ARCHIEPISCOPI", and a non-portrait issue of Baldred on the reverse, with the moneyer's name "SAEBERHT".
 The coin was stolen in transit some time between the 26th July 2014, when the coin was posted by the seller in the UK, and the 9th August 2014, when the package arrived, empty, at the buyer's home in France.
If you are ever offered this coin for sale or is see it for sale anywhere, I would be grateful if you could let me know, and if you don't think it would jeopardise the recovery of the coin, to also alert the police. I would very much like to know who was responsible for the theft of this coin, but much more important to me is to have the coin returned to its rightful owner.
Scott Thomas, Tel FR: +33 (0)2 33 35 23 15, Mobile FR: +33 (0)6 32 92 35 81