Lost Coin Archive

Stolen Hadrian Bronze (Reported January 17, 2018)

A customer of ours was stolen his coin bought in Spain (photo attached) by mail from Barcelona to Stuttgart, The shipment was opened, the coin stolen and then closed again. It is a Sesterz of Hadrian, lot number 197 from the December auction 1100-1 of Marti Hervera & Soler y Llach from  19 of December. A theft report to the police is done. Should someone notice this coin or even be offered, we ask for a short message.

with thanks and best regards

H. Poley

Auktionen Münzhandlung Sonntag,


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Stolen -Large Amount Gold 20 Marks in Chicago (Reported December 31, 2017)

Residential Burglary

We have received information from a Chicago dealer regarding a residential burglary in the Chicago area where 300 gold German 20 marks were taken.  No further information is available at this time. However, be aware of this offense in case any person or persons brings in quantities of 20 marks.     

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis



Coin Show Hannover 10.12.17: Robbery of Gold coins (Reported December 15, 2017)

Münzbörse Hannover 10.12.17: Goldmünzen Diebstahl - Coin Show Hannover 10.12.17: Robbery of Gold coins

Im Anhang finden Sie die Liste der gestohlenen Münzen – Please, see the attached list and pictures.

Weiter Informationen bitte an  -Additional information to:

Der Goldschmidt®

Corrado Schmidt – Diamantgutachter

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Fax: 03222 2444806

Mail: shop@dergoldschmidt.de

Robbery in Strasbourg (Reported November 30, 2017)

Dear Colleagues

Today, a small collection of 14 goldgulden was stolen from a private house in Strasbourg, including some unique specimens (see attached list). Photos of all pieces are available.

If you have any questions, please contact Arne Kirsch at +41-44-2151098 or arne.kirsch@sincona.com.

Many thanks and kind regards
Arne Kirsch

Stolen - Kuenker Znojmo - Czech Republic (Reported December 6, 2017)

On 27th of october 2017, there was a theft of coins in our office at Znojmo, Czech Republic. You find pictures of the stolen coins below ...

Best regards,

Kmar Chachoua
Tel.: +49 541 96202 21
Mail: kmar.chachoua@kuenker.de