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  • 2024-05-30 10:10 | IAPN Webmaster (Administrator)

    The IAPN’s Executive Director, Peter Tompa, joined other art trade experts in the second meeting of the European Commission’s Expert Sub-Group on the Dialogue with the Art Market. The meeting took place on March 28-29th, in Brussels, Belgium.  

    Stefan Zotti, Team Leader “Cultural Heritage,” Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, led the meeting.  Attendees included representatives of other CINOA[1] affiliated trade groups, academics, European Commission officials, and a UNESCO representative.

    At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Anne-Sophie Radermaker, University Libre de Bruxelles, presented a positive report about the benefits of the art trade to protecting low value items that would otherwise be ignored in museums and in fostering cultural exchange.  

    The rest of the meeting provided an opportunity for the art trade to express concerns about European Commission rules on the import of cultural goods originating outside the EU, consideration of mandates for dealers to create object and client registries, and proposals for additional anti-money laundering regulations.  

    The new import rules impacting objects originating outside the EU will be in full effect in June 2025 with the roll out of a web-based system for importers.  Under these new rules, coins in trade (along with most else) over 200 years old and over €1,800 Euros in value will need to be imported with statement proving that they were legally exported from their country of origin.  If this cannot be proved, it will instead be required to demonstrate their provenance outside their country of origin back to 1972.

    Unfortunately, during the meeting, a responsible official confirmed that another derogation, applying to situations where the place an item was created or discovered is unknown, does not apply where either fact is known. Thus, since we know the place where most coins were minted, this derogation, will not apply.  

    The IAPN will continue to monitor these new rules and will issue a more formal guidance as we get closer to their effective date.

    [1] Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Œuvres d’Art [CINOA]

  • 2024-05-24 14:00 | IAPN Webmaster (Administrator)

    The International Association of Professional Numismatists (IAPN) conducted its 72nd annual Congress in San Francisco, CA from May 16-19, 2024. Thirty-nine member firms attended the Congress which was held at the historic Argonaut Hotel right on the waterfront at Fisherman’s Wharf. A post-Congress trip to Monterey to visit its famous aquarium and vineyards took place right after the Congress concluded.

    The Congress approved three new IAPN members, Paul Knudsen of Paul's Coins (USA), Keith Candiotti (USA), and Ginza Coins (Japan), learned more about IAPN’s activities in the last year, and received briefings on IAPN’s new website as well as regulatory trends facing the industry.  

    The Congress also provides a venue to decide the winner for IAPN’s annual book prize.  Mr. Mairat, curator of Roman Coins at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, England, was awarded the IAPN Book Prize for his title, Roman Imperial Coinage, Volume V.4: The Gallic Empire (AD 260-274), published by Spink in London.

    Second prize went to Cori Sedwick Downing, a senior numismatist at the house of Daniel Frank Sedwick in Winter Park, Florida, and Isaac Rudman, a collector from the Dominican Republic, for their The Charles & Joanna Silver Coinage of Santo Domingo, 1542-1552, published by Isaac Rudman in Santo Domingo.

    Third prize went to Glenn Murray, the Spanish-domiciled 72-year old Los Angeles-born numismatist, for his Boato y Tecnología: Cincuentines, centenes y escudos de a echo, published by the Asociación Amigos de la Casa de la Moneda de Segovia, in Segovia, Spain.  

    The nomination list of all 23 titles entered for this year's Prize may be viewed here

     The Congress also provided an opportunity for IAPN members to spend time with their colleagues from around the world in a relaxed atmosphere so unlike hectic coin shows.  

    Activities included a visit to historic Sonoma, dinners at local restaurants and a gala held at the historic San Francisco Mint. Companions visited the Walt Disney Family Museum and the breathtaking Muir Woods. 

    The Gala is also an opportunity for IAPN members to support local community organizations benefiting those in need. This year, IAPN members raised $10,500 for, Ceres Community Project. Ceres prepares home-delivered meals for people who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves. (

    Stephen Album Rare Coins helped organize this year’s Congress and post-Congress trip. 

    The next Congress will take place in June 2025 in Budapest, Hungary with the post-Congress trip to Bratislava and the historic mining and minting areas of Central Slovakia. Nudelman Numismatica and Macho & Chlapovic are collaborating to organize the Congress and post-Congress tour.   

    International Association of Professional Numismatists (IAPN) 

    The IAPN ( was constituted at a meeting held in Geneva in 1951 to which the leading international numismatic firms had been invited. There were 28 founding members. Today, there are more than 100 numismatic firms in the membership, across several continents and twenty-five countries. 

    For enquiries about the Association, please contact:
    The IAPN General Secretary, Mr. Federico Pastrone
    57, rue Grimaldi 98000 MONACO. | +377 93 25 12 96 |
  • 2024-01-30 18:30 | IAPN Webmaster (Administrator)

    IAPN Executive Director, Peter Tompa was invited to attend a High level event where he was able to interact with European Commission officials as well as representatives of other CINOA[1] affiliated trade groups.

    In late December, Mr. Tompa attended the first meeting of the European Commission's expert sub-group on “Dialogue with the Art Market" at the EC's headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

    His attendance at this month's follow-up meeting held in conjunction with the BRAFA Art Fair [2] in Brussels gave him the opportunity to join the event where Margaritis Schinas, Vice President of the European Commission for Promoting our European Way of Life [3] gave a talk. Tompa met with and spoke to the top EU bureaucrat on the issue, Georg Haeusler.

    Tompa also attended a presentation given by keynote speaker and criminologist, Dr. Donna Yates, Ph.D. (D.E.) of Maastricht University where she is an Associate Professor in the department of Criminal Law and Criminology. Yates presented, Joint efforts towards shared goals: fostering an art market that works for all stakeholders. 

    [1] Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Œuvres d’Art [CINOA]

    [2] Brussels Expo – BRAFA 28 January 2024 – 4 February 2024

    [3] European Commission "Promoting our European Way of Life (

  • 2024-01-18 09:00 | IAPN Webmaster (Administrator)

    Peter K. Tompa has accepted the position of IAPN’s Executive Director, effective January 1, 2024.  He succeeds long-time IAPN Executive Director, Jean-Luc Van der Schueren.

    Previously and going forward, Tompa has acted as the IAPN’s outside legal counsel, advocating for fair treatment for the micro and small businesses of the numismatic trade before government regulators. He has practiced cultural property law since the 1990’s and has written and lectured extensively about the subject. He is a past co-chair of the American Bar Association's Art & Cultural Heritage Law Committee. He has been an avid ancient coin collector since he first saw such coins for sale while on a European family vacation in the early 1970’s. He is a life member of the American Numismatic Association and the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild as well as a Life Fellow of the American Numismatic Society.  He was recently appointed as the IAPN’s representative on a European Commission expert sub-group on Dialogue with the Art Market.”

    Tompa hopes to assist IAPN’s President and Executive Committee in fosteringa healthy and prosperous numismatic trade conducted according to the highest standards of business ethics and commercial practice.  

    The IAPN was constituted at a meeting held in Geneva in 1951 to which the leading international numismatic firms had been invited. There were 28 founding members. Today, there are more than 100 numismatic firms in the membership, across several continents and twenty-five countries. 

    The IAPN General Secretary
    57, rue Grimaldi 98000 MONACO
    Email: | Tel. +377 93 25 12 96

  • 2024-01-12 08:30 | IAPN Webmaster (Administrator)

    On Friday, the 12th of January, newly appointed IAPN Executive Director, Peter K. Tompa spoke on topics related to numismatics, antiquities and cultural property law.

    Peter discussed new and proposed import restrictions on coins, recent prosecutions for cultural property crimes, and developments in the European Union before taking questions for further discussion from members of the ACCG and the IAPN.  Peter also introduced Keith Twitchell, who has succeeded Peter as the ACCG’s executive director.

    The talk was held at the InterContinental New York Barclay's Morgan Suite within the bourse area of the 52nd Annual New York International Numismatic Convention (NYINC).

  • 2024-01-11 09:00 | IAPN Webmaster (Administrator)

    Participants and IAPN Members attending the 52nd Annual New York International Numismatic Convention (NYINC) held from 11 to 14 January in New York City were greeted at the IAPN's table by newly appointed IAPN Executive Director, Peter K. Tompa.

    The IAPN plans to continue setting up booths at additional future events. IAPN members are welcome to gather, stop by to meet other attending IAPN members, and will help in staffing and representing the Association and its engagement in the hobby and industry for the public and other potential member candidates.

  • 2024-01-05 20:00 | IAPN Webmaster (Administrator)

    In late December, IAPN Executive Director Peter Tompa attended the first meeting of a European Commission expert sub-group on “Dialogue with the Art Market" at the EC's headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The meeting provided Tompa an opportunity to meet EU regulators as well as representatives of other industry groups. Tompa was allowed to provide EU regulators with information about the coin trade and its perspectives on proposed regulations. He plans to attend a follow-up meeting held in conjunction with an upcoming Brussels Art Fair where there will be an opportunity to meet with Margaritis Schinas, Vice President of the EC. 

  • 2024-01-01 04:00 | IAPN Webmaster (Administrator)

    With the beginning of the New Year, The IAPN are pleased to announce their long awaited website relaunch, resulting from an internal research and development initiative over the past several months.

    Members of the Association and the public alike are invited to explore the reorganized website for archived news, the activities of its Membership, important announcements on international trade and additional numismatic resources and ongoing event updates.

    Content available on the website has been reorganized by topic or associated to dedicated categories, while ongoing research into the Association's historical activities is being added as it becomes available. The Auction Calendar is regularly updated and the Lost Coin Archive is available for disseminating information when issues arise.

    For any enquiries about the IAPN, please contact the General Secretary.

  • 2023-10-06 01:47 | IAPN Webmaster (Administrator)

    IAPN Member, Jeff Garrett of Mid-American Rare Coin Galleries Inc. has written an excellent article with important security reminders and suggestions for dealers and collectors alike. We encourage all to read and consider this important advice.

    Originally published on the NGC website, please use the following link read the entire article:

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