The IAPN Medal of Honor

Established in 1969 in memory of the first President of the IAPN, Leonard S. Forrer,
current Presidents award this medal to persons of distinction whom the Association wishes to honor or for distinguished services to the Association.

Honoray Members of the IAPN

Herbert Cahn (1915-2002)

Jacques Schulman (1906-1991)

Peter Seaby (1921-1992)

Leo Mildenberg (1913-2001)

Richard Margolis (1931-2018)

Beverley T. Curtis

Wilfried Albrecht (1944-1994)

Robert L. Schulman (1938-2013)

Hermann Lanz (1910-1998)

Giuseppe de Falco (1921-2012)

Jean Vinchon (1918-2003)

Catherine Bullowa (1920-2017)

Silvia Hurter (1933-2009)


Giorgio Fallani (1921-1994)

Mario Ratto (1906-1990)

Alfio Rinaldi (1924-2013)

Robert Friedberg (1912-1963)

Carlo Maria Fallani 

Livio Santamaria  

Italo Vecchi *

Edward Baldwin

James F. Elmen

Alberto de Falco  

Dr. Francisca Bernheimer

Eric McFadden

Jean-Luc van der Schueren

* Honorary Member status was suspended for this member pending the
    outcome of an ongoing criminal case against them. [ IAPN 03/13/2023 ]

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