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The following database contains descriptions of lost or stolen property that has been reported to the IAPN. The Association encourages its Members, law enforcement and the public to utilize this resource, and to promptly report any details or the whereabouts of items shown here which are declared to be lost or stolen.

Due diligence is always encouraged when purchasing numismatic items for a collection or as inventory. This resource can help to confirm if an item being offered for sale has been reported lost or if it is related to any other criminal activity being investigated.

Do you have any information about the lost/stolen items reported below? 
If you believe you have found or have unintentionally come into the possession of any of these items, please contact the IAPN member mentioned in the posts, or report relevant information to local, state, federal and/or international law enforcement agencies who need your help with ongoing investigations and in the successful prosecution of numismatic crimes.

Contact info can be found in each post below or you may send an email to the IAPN General Secretary.

Use the website's "Search" feature to enter keywords, or enter a coin's unique cert number (NGC, PCGS, et al.) to check if a coin has been reported on this website. Additional images and links have also been provided in each of the posts below.

  • 2024-05-05 18:00 | IAPN Webmaster (Administrator)

    We regret to inform you of an incident that occurred during the recent MIF Paper Money Fair 2024 (3-5 May, 2024) in Maastricht (The Netherlands).

    Our colleagues at Stack's Bowers, Mr. Aris Maragoudakis (Stack's Bowers' Director of World Currency Auctions) and Mr. Kyle Ponterio have asked us to provide you with a list of  banknotes stolen from Mr. Marios Koulaouzidis (info@numarist.de of the firm, Numarist, (https://www.numarist.de/)

    Inventory was stolen out of Mr. Koulaouzidis' hotel room while he was at dinner during the show last week.

    Please find here a list of the stolen banknotes including descriptions and PMG cert numbers

    If offered any items matching these descriptions or if you have any information that could lead to the recovery of any or all of these pieces, please immediately contact: Mr. Marios Koulaouzidis, Mr. Aris Maragoudakis, Mr. Kyle Ponterio, or the IAPN General Secretary.

    NOTE: Use the Search field on the IAPN website to quickly look for banknote serial numbers, certification numbers, and other keywords.
    1915172-010, 1915172-012, 1915172-016, 1915172-017, 1915172-018, 1915580-014, 1915580-018, 1915580-023, 1915582-001, 1915169-003, 1915169-006, 1918274-001, 1915191-002, 1915191-029, 1915191-034, 1915191-036, 1915191-050, 1915191-049, 1915191-067, 1915191-113, 1915191-121, 1915191-128, 1915191-137, 1915191-144, 1915215-010, 1915215-011, 1915215-024, 1915215-033, 1915215-034, 1915215-035, 1915215-081, 1915215-258, 1915215-247, 1915215-248, 1915215-264, 1915215-270, 1915215-280, 1915215-281, 1915215-282, 1915215-283, 1915215-284, 1915579-005, 1915579-006, 1915579-036, 1915579-048, 1915579-067, 1915215-055, 1915580-026, 2126350-001, 1913942-001, 1915191-109, 1915215-043, 1915215-141, 1915215-142, 1915215-271, 1915580-007, 1915215-297, 1915215-314, 1915215-044, 1915215-041, 1915215-046, 1915191-081, 1915191-082, 1915191-084, 1915191-011, 1915215-050, 1915191-125, 1915191-116, 1915191-120, 1915215-047, 1915215-048, 1915215-049, 1915215-052, 1915215-054, 1915215-056, 1915215-059, 1915215-064, 1915215-068, 1915215-069, 1915215-071, 1915215-072, 1915215-073, 1915215-074, 1915215-075, 1915215-076, 1915215-077, 1915215-078, 1915215-080, 1915191-110, 1915191-118, 1915579-078, 1915215-075, 1915215-061, 1915215-067, 1915215-063
  • 2024-04-20 18:00 | IAPN Webmaster (Administrator)
    We regret to inform you of an incident that occurred during the recent 13th Collection Fair, FILANUMIS 2024 Expo Houten, The Netherlands (Utrecht-Houten) on the 20th of April.

    Our colleague, Hans Jongeling of Jongeling Numismatics & Ancient Art, has reported that 35 banknotes were stolen from his collection.

    Please find here a list of the stolen banknotes

    If offered any items matching these descriptions or if you have any information that could lead to the recovery of any or all of these pieces, please immediately contact Mr. Jongeling or the IAPN General Secretary.

    NOTE: Use the Search field on the IAPN website to quickly look for banknote serial numbers, certification numbers, and other keywords.
    228801402, 4423736142, 9XZ 067890, 5BT061194, 4982605974, 4337437041, 9XZ 012345, 9XZ 012345, 1AA000000, CJP103431, ME05105, 76311 GR 09327, MV 06214, HC 05263, HC 05264, KO 003016, CR 349541A, BE 182246BC, AA/18 546100, A/1 000000, LC 054187, KA 034585, KB 027445, XZ 012345, HA 047167, AO 035701, AA000000, G/2 000000, L 00000, OO 000000, 9006853887, H0123450, H0678910, 4030755300, 2091556-004

  • 2024-03-04 12:51 | IAPN Webmaster (Administrator)

    ALERT: We regret to inform you of an unfortunate incident involving a valuable piece.

    IAPN member Andy Lustig has reported that a rare 1869 Greece 10 Drachmai Essai, one of only four known to exist, has been stolen from a FedEx vehicle in Athens, GREECE.

    1869 Greece 10 Drachmai Essai

    If anyone comes across a coin matching this description or has any information that could lead to its recovery, please immediately contact Mr. Lustig or the IAPN General Secretary.

  • 2023-08-31 16:05 | Anonymous

    Regrettably, we have encountered a situation involving a lost package handled by TNT/FEDEX, which contained several coins from our auction en route to our client in the USA.

    Courier: TNT/FedEx
    Shipment Nr.: 117657584  The shipment cleared customs in the USA on May 17, 2023, and no further updates have been available since then.
    Recipient: located in Linwood, Nebraska
    Value: EUR 21,412.00

    The coins included in the package (please refer to images below) are as follows:
    0015 – Hexadrachm, BIATEC type, Celtic coinage
    0023 – Obol (2nd half of 3rd century BC), CALES type, Celtic coinage
    0036 – Denar, Boleslaus II (972-999), Bohemia
    0040 – Denar, Bedrich (1173-1189), Bohemia
    0050 – Thaler (1520-1523), Stephan Schlick, Bohemia
    1085 – Hexadrachm (around 70-40 BC), NONNOS type, Celtic coinage

    If anyone possesses any information regarding this matter, please contact:
    Mr. Andrej Macho
    Macho & Chlapovič
    t: +421 239 020 432
    m: +421 917 900 113
    e: andrej.macho@machochlapovic.com

    0015 – Hexadrachm, BIATEC type, Celtic coinage.

    Lot 0023 – Obol (2nd half of 3rd century BC), CALES type, Celtic coinage.

    Lot 0036 – Denar, Boleslaus II (972-999), Bohemia.

    Lot 0040 – Denar, Bedrich (1173-1189), Bohemia.

    Lot 0050 – Thaler (1520-1523), Stephan Schlick, Bohemia.

    Lot 1085 – Hexadrachm (around 70-40 BC), NONNOS type, Celtic coinage.
  • 2021-11-11 18:51 | IAPN Webmaster (Administrator)

    Date: 11/11/2021
    Offense: Burglary
    Incident location: Transit CA to NC
    Investigating Agency: USPS
    Report Number: N/A

    A package being shipped registered mail with four coins inside from San Diego, CA to North Carolina was received with one coin missing. The package had been slit open and re-taped.

    Stolen Coin:
    Great Britain Gold Crown “Commonwealth of England” 1652
    PCGS AU55
    PCGS cert # 144322.55 / 05250592

    Anyone with information is asked to contact:
    Numismatic Crimes Information Center (NCIC)
    Mr. Doug Davis

  • 2021-05-20 01:09 | IAPN Webmaster (Administrator)

    Collection of Celtic coins stolen:

    Cantii, ¼ gold Stater.
    Corietauvi, gold Stater.
    Corietauvi, silver Stater.
    Dobuni, gold Stater.
    Trinovantes-Catavalauni, gold Stater.
    Coriosolites, billon Stater.
    Parisii, gold Stater.
    Germani, gold Stater.
    Danube, silver Tetradrachm.

    Download to view images and details of these coins. [PDF]

    Reported by IAPN Member: Numismatica Genevensis SA (NGSA)

    Type of Loss: Theft
    Location: Geneva, Switzerland

    Contact: Philippe Veuve, NGSA
    Address: Rond-Point de Plainpalais, 11205 Genève / Suisse
    Email: info@ngsa.chwww.ngsa.ch
    Tel. +41 22 320 46 40
    Fax +41 22 329 21 62

  • 2021-03-10 23:26 | IAPN Webmaster (Administrator)

    We would like to inform you that a series of coin shipments sent from Switzerland to Germany, all going through customs at Frankfurt Airport, have been stolen.

    Four shipments were sent by Registered Mail on 2 March 2021 and all went through customs at Frankfurt Airport on 6 March. In each case the, as yet unknown culprit, removed the sticker with the attached documentation, opened the parcel, and removed the inner package with the coins. The empty parcels were then returned to the Post to be distributed to their addressees, all in differing German cities.

    The fact that the shipments were delivered to different German addresses, as well as the fact that we had no other problems with any other shipments during this period, makes it clear that the theft had to have happened after the parcels were exported from Switzerland, most likely in the sorting center at the Frankfurt airport.

    The German police authorities are currently investigating this series of thefts.

    Should you see or be offered any of the coins listed below, please let us know and we will contact the authorities.

    Download to view images and details of these coins. [PDF]

    Reported by IAPN Member: Nomos AG

    Type of Loss: Theft(s) in transit
    Type of Loss: Shipment via Registered Mail (Post)
    Location: Zürich, Switzerland to Frankfurt, Germany

    Contact: Mr. Alan Walker
    Address: Nomos AG, auf der mauer 9, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland
    Tel. +41 44 250 51 80
    Email: info@nomosag.com

  • 2020-10-22 20:35 | IAPN Webmaster (Administrator)

    Six coins from the Hess-Divo AG, Auction #339 have been reported as stolen on 10/22/2020. The disappeared while in transit and were being shipped to the Netherlands.

    Please find in the attached file, photos and descriptions of the missing coins:

    2020.10.22_Meldung_Verlust_Schulman [PDF]

    Any information regarding these coins should be reported to:

     Hess-Divo AG Löwenstrasse 55CH-8001 Zürich

    Telefon: +41 (0)44 225 40 90e-mail: mailbox@hessdivo.com

  • 2014-04-17 20:20 | IAPN Webmaster (Administrator)

    This information was brought to us through the German Dealers Association. The text is in German, but the message clear.

    Derzeit erhalten sowohl Mitglieder unseres Verbandes als auch Briefmarkenhändler, von einem gewissen "LIONEL DIAZ" (https://owa.kuenker.de/owa/redir.aspx?C=7zkLxXenDUiG0rFxmJK8hFMEMaDfX9EIR_uWAVTcp_LQuJ-nnJmCen_CD-AmTr0XEOevKtAuCN4.&URL=mailto%3alionel.diaz%40aol.fr), angeblich aus Frankreich, unten anhängende Email, wonach er von einem Händler einen Posten Münzen gekauft hat, der u.a. auch einige deutsche Münzen enthält. Da Herr DIAZ nur französische Münzen sammelt und angeblich  keine Ahnung vom Wert der Münzen hat, fragt er nach dem Wert der Münzen. Bilder der Münzen (alle in NGC-Slabs) sind der Email beigefügt.

    Nach Recherchen im Internet stellt man fest, dass er die Bilder aus recht aktuellen Auktionen (z. B. Heritage) aus dem Internet kopiert hat. Es handelt sich hierbei um die Originalbilder der Auktion, er hat die Bilder also nicht selbst angefertigt. Seine Behauptung, dass er die Preise der Münzen nicht kennt stimmt nicht, da diese direkt neben dem Original Auktionsbild stehen. Auch, wenn man dann Herrn Diaz einen viel zu niedrigen Preis anbietet, ist er zum Verkauf bereit. Er verlangt allerdings Vorkasse. Händler, die auf diese Masche hereingefallen sind, haben niemals Ware erhalten.

    Mit dieser "Masche" versucht Herr Diaz schon seit langerem – auch bei Briefmarken handlern & angeblich teure Stucke& zu verkaufen (s. hierzu auch nachfolgenden Link, im unteren Teil) http://www.stampboards.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=41739

    Nachfolgend der Originaltext der Email:

    Hope you understand English as I don’t speak German.

    I got some German coins and I did some search on internet but with no real result.

    I bought part of the stock from a retired dealer for my own collection

    (France) and I found some foreign coins, 7 of them are from Germany.

    Each one is certified in a NGC slab.

    The 7 coins are (as stated on each slab):
    – 5 Mark 1927A MS65
    – 5 Mark 1925A PF65
    – 5 Mark 1930A PF65
    – 5 Mark 1929E PF65
    – 3 Mark 1928D PF66
    – 50 Reichspfenig 1924E MS62
    – 5 Mark 1928J PF65

    As I don't collect German coins, I don’t know what they are. Do you know? I assume they have some value since they are slabbed.

    I join pictures if that can help to tell me more about these coins.

    Thank’s a lot in advance,
    Lionel DIAZ from France

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