The IAPN President & Executive Committee

The main units of the Association are the General Assembly and the Executive Committee.

The General Assembly is the supreme unit of the Association and it is convened once a year. They held their annual Congress in Marseille, France in 2023.

The Executive Committee is composed of eleven to seventeen persons from at least six different countries. It consists of the President of the Association, a first and a second Vice President (each V.P. is from a different continent), the General Secretary, the Treasurer and six to twelve other individuals.

Whereas the President is elected directly to this function, the other offices are distributed by the Executive Committee itself.

General elections are held regularly, normally every two years.

President / Président
Daniel Frank SEDWICK – D.F. Sedwick (U.S.A.)

General Secretary / Secrétaire Général
 – Editions V. Gadoury, Monaco (MC)

Executive Committee / Comité Exécutif:

Executive Committee / Comité Exécutif
Mr. VICO, Jesús Jr. (Jesús Vico, ES); Mr. PONTERIO, Kent (World Numismatics, USA); Mr. PASTRONE, Federico (Ed. V. Gadoury, MC); Mr. HARDMEIER, Michael (Sincona, CH); Mr. HALBICH, Fabian (Künker, Germany); Mr. PRESTON-MORLEY, Peter (Noonans, UK); Mr. PONTERIO, Kyle (Stack's Bowers Galleries, USA); Mr. BAKER, Christopher (Atlas Numismatics, USA), Mr. FENTON, Stephen (St. James, UK); Mr. SPIEGEL, Sam (Heritage Auctions, USA); Mr. LANG, Joe (Steve ALBUM, USA); Mr. PAOLETTI, Mathias (Bernardi, IT).


Leonard S. Forrer  1951-1953

Jacques Schulman  1953-1961

Xavier Calicó † 1961-1967

Emile Bourgey † 1967-1975

Peter Seaby † 1975-1981

Michel Kampmann 1981-1985

Robert Schulman † 1985-1991

Hans Voegtli 1991-1997

Jean-Paul Divo † 1997-2001

Arthur L. Friedberg 2001-2007

Paul Davies 2007-2011

Eric McFadden 2011-2013

Arne Kirsch 2013-2019


Xavier Calicó

Jacques Schulman 

Emile Bourgey 

Michel Kampmann

Hans Voegtli 

Jean-Paul Divo 

Arthur L. Friedberg

Paul Davies

Arne Kirsch

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