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06.04.2016 - German group for the Defense of collecting rights - Groupe allemand de Défense du droit à collectionner : NEW WEBSITE - NOUVEAU SITE INTERNET

Please be informed of this new informative website, publishing news about rules regarding the situation of Cultural Goods, especially in Germany.

Veuillez noter ce nouveau site d'information qui publie les nouvelles concernant la situation des Biens Culturels, spécialement en Allemagne.

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09.03.2016 - our French Colleague Gérard BARRE has passed away - décès de notre Collègue français Gérard BARRE


Our French Colleague Gérard BARRE has passed away last night, March 8th, after a long disease.
Gérard had became, after a long membership within the IAPN, a corresponding member of the Association when he had left Maison Platt of Paris some years ago.
He had been one of the organizers of the 56th General Assembly of the IAPN in Deauville  in June 2007.
Our best thoughts are with his wife Jocelyne, his daughters and colleagues Sandrine and Anne-Claire, and his son Sylvain.
Notre Collègue français Gérard BARRE, est décédé la nuit dernière, 8 mars, après une longue maladie.
Gérard, après avoir longtemps été un membre titulaire de l'AINP, en était devenu membre correspondant il y a quelques années, lorsqu'il a quitté la Maison Platt de Paris.

Il avait été l'un des organisateurs de la 56è Assemblée Générale de l'AINP à Deauville en juin 2007.

Nos pensées vont vers son épouse Jocelyne, ses filles et collègues Sandrine et Anne-Claire, et son fils Sylvain.


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22.01.2016 - The International Numismatic Council and the International Association of Professional Numismatists launch a job portal at MuenzenWoche / CoinsWeekly

The International Numismatic Council and the International Association of Professional Numismatists launch a job portal at MuenzenWoche / CoinsWeekly

To help young numismatists find a job, the International Numismatic Council (INC) and the International Association of Professional Numismatists (IAPN) decided to launch a platform where vacancies and applications can be published. As publication channel they chose the internet journal MuenzenWoche / CoinsWeekly. By way of its weekly newsletter, it aims at building a bridge between university and the numismatic market. The IAPN has agreed to sponsor the new platform.

The idea was born at a round table which was held at the International Numismatic Congress in Taormina initiated by former INC President Carmen Arnold-Biucchi and Arne Kirsch, President of the IAPN. On September 23, 2015, some 200 researchers exchanged views on “Jobs, careers, professions for the young generation of coin enthusiasts”. One problem identified was the fact that some job offers do not reach the right address. So although there are numismatists looking for a job, coin companies do not find the fitting employee. Ursula Kampmann offered to create a job portal to boost the awareness of offers and requests. This requires an easily accessible, constantly updated, internationally popular platform which is visited by scholars, collectors and coin dealers alike. On behalf of his organization, IAPN President Arne Kirsch spontaneously declared to bear the costs involved in establishing this platform, while MuenzenWoche / CoinsWeekly would be in charge of the content-related management. This way, it was possible to announce the foundation of a new job portal already during the closing ceremony of the International Numismatic Congress.

Since November 5, 2015, the job portal is online. Anybody who would like to place either a job advertisement or a job application is kindly asked to submit his or her text via email at The text can be written in any language. Indeed, each company, each institution should address its potential employees in the preferred language, the one that is spoken in everyday work. Naturally, you may also place offers and requests with box numbers. MuenzenWoche / CoinsWeekly will serve as a facilitator in this regard.

The International Numismatic Council and the International Association of Professional Numismatists hope that the new platform will be met with maximum international response and help as many young numismatists as possible find a position. At the same time, they ask for support of the platform by forwarding job advertisements.

 Please find the job portal under

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22.12.2015 - Death of our member / Décès de notre membre : Tom CEDERLIND (15.12.2015)

We have to report the sad and shocking news that our member (since 2008) Tom CEDERLIND passed away on Tuesday December 15th, 2015.

Je dois vous informer avec tristesse et incompréhension de la mort de notre membre (depuis 2008) Tom CEDERLIND, le mardi 15 décembre 2015.



It is with regret that we announce the death of Thomas Bentley Cederlind. He passed away on Dec. 16, 2015, in Portland. He has been in business for 25 years. The youngest of four brothers, Tom's passing was a major and unexpected loss. His surviving family includes his son, Leif Spenser Broncova Cederlind; and brothers, Jim and Gary. We will miss seeing Tom in auctions and shows around the world. He is in our prayers and remains in our hearts.


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21.12.2015 - Death of Dieter RAAB - Décès de Dieter RAAB (20.12.2015)

Dear Colleagues,

We have the sad duty of informing you of the passing of Dieter Raab, former CEO of Busso PEUS Nachf., and father of our colleague Christoph Raab, to whom our best thoughts go Under those difficult circumstances.

Chers Collègues,

Nous sommes le triste devoir de vous informer du décès de Dieter Raab, ex-directeur de Busso PEUS Nachf., et père de notre collègue Christoph Raab, à qui nous présentons nos meilleurs vœux de courage dans cette épreuve douloureuse.


DIETER RAAB (1938-2015)

Dieter Raab was born on December 11, 1938 in Steinhöring, a small town in Bavaria. In his youth the family moved to Stuttgart, where his father opened the first Jazz Club in Germany that had prominent Jazz artists as performers. During his school years he began collecting coins. After finishing his “Gymnasium” he began to study business administration. However, a summer job that had been arranged for him by the well-known numismatist Karl Jaeger, changed his life. He began to work for Münzen & Medaillen AG in Basel, at the time the most famous numismatic auction house world-wide. In 1966 he took the opportunity to purchase the old firm of Dr. Busso Peus (formerly Hess Nachf.) in Frankfurt and, in the beginning with Peter Schulten, made it one of the top numismatic auction houses of Europe. Following the catalogue numeration of Adolph Hess, beginning with no. 1 in 1871, Raab’s first catalogue in 1967 was numbered 266. Today Dr. Busso Peus Nach. Had its 415th sale in 2015. It is, in effect, Germany’s oldest numismatic auction house. Unforgotten is that the German government entrusted him with the sale of the coin stocks of the former German Democratic Republic after the reunification. And then with the sale of the huge stock of non-valeur shares, bonds, and stocks that were also kept by the East German government.

Raab was the German coin dealer’s delegate to the Numismatic Commission of the States of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1972 to 2006. Here he was able to form a strong bond between German museums and the German coin trade that had lasting effects. In 2007 he turned over the business to his son Christoph but still had an office in the firm, where he helped when he could and received old clients who wished to do business with him. In the last years of his life he had continual health problems, but never lost his positive outlook on life. Finally, even though he had received a clean bill of health, his heart no longer bore the strain and he died on December 20, 2015 peacefully in his sleep at home.

Dieter Raab is survived by his wife Lilo, his sons Stephan and Christoph and three grandsons to whom we extend our deepest sympathy.

L. N.-L.

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